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Manufacturers’ full control over their product lifecycle management

With Novicod’s technology within smart & connected products, manufacturers can now experience true product lifecycle management where they can track, manage and write my essay for me help me write my essay control product information anytime, anywhere.

IoT to support the entire Logistics Value Chain

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises far-reaching payoffs for logistics operators, their business customers and end consumers. These benefits extend across the entire logistics value chain, including warehousing operations, freight transportation, and last-mile delivery. And they impact areas such as operational efficiency, safety and security, customer experience, and new business models. With IoT, we can begin to tackle difficult operational and business questions in exciting new ways.

Applying IoT to logistics operations promises a substantial impact. We can monitor the status of assets, parcels, and people in real time throughout the value chain. We can measure how these assets are performing, and effect change in what they are currently doing (and what they will do next). We can automate business processes to eliminate manual interventions, improve quality and predictability, and lower costs. We can optimize how people, systems, and assets work together, and coordinate their activities. And ultimately, we can apply analytics to the entire value chain to identify wider improvement opportunities and best practices.

Exciting future ahead

Historically, they have lost control of their product once it leaves the factory. With smart connected products, manufacturers can now experience true closed-loop, product lifecycle management where they can track, manage and control product information at any phase of its lifecycle at any time and any place in the world. This will allow manufacturers to:

  • Create, analyze and validate the complete product definition across both mechanical and electrical disciplines
  • Accelerate smart product innovation

Sensing and Sense Making

Today, we see optimal conditions for IoT to take off in the industry. There is a clear technology push through the rise of mobile computing, consumerization of IT, 5G networks, and big data analytics, as well as a pull from customers who are increasingly demanding IoT-based solutions. Combined, these factors are enabling logistics providers to adopt IoT at an accelerating rate.

Novicod’s IoT solution applies in the world of logistics in a way of “sensing and sense making”:

  • “Sensing” is the monitoring of different assets within a supply chain through different technologies and mediums;
  • “Sense making” is concerned with handling vast amounts of data sets that are generated as a result, and then turning this data into insights that drive new solutions.

Easy implantation

A few components are required to enable this interactivity

  • Digitally tagged products. Novicod technology provides digital tagging at a fraction of the cost of standard RFID tags. Digital tagging can take place during the printing of the packaging manufacturing process, or on labels, and integrated seamlessly with current distribution process.
  • Closed information network, able to read and analyze product location and behavior. Integration with existing inventory readers and systems is quite simple and inexpensive
  • Internet connection – to enable consumer interactivity with the products, enabling consumer mobile applications, will prove beneficial both in short and long terms


To see how you can increase efficiency & accuracy and reduce costs by offering an advanced tracking system, contact us for an obligation free discussion.

Track and Trace End-to-end track and trace,capabilities to reduce counterfeiting, theft, billing disputes and,charge-back fees while protecting the brand
Data Accuracy Manufacturing,location; shipment date, lot number, etc. is associated with the write my essay for me help me write my essay individual,product, carton and/or pallet supporting simpler and more effective recall or,product tracking processes
Reduced cost Significant,reduction in inventory management costs and staff costs (mistakes, human,errors).
Reduced theft Digital,boundaries, geo-location per item, and quick recovery.

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