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Interconnected Pharmaceutical & Healthcare provides predictive patient support

Novicod’s WITHIN Healthcare & Pharmaceutical products bring a whole new meaning to Electronic Medical Records. We’ve enabled usage tracking and interconnectivity to a level never seen before

Interconnected Pharmaceutical & healthcare support clinical care expanding ecosystem. When patients, healthcare providers and pharmacies are connected in real time they can store, view, analyze and track the overall health and medication of each patient remotely.

Novicod supports healthcare ecosystem development

Healthcare is no longer a business sector solely for companies in traditional life sciences core industries such as pharmaceuticals, med tech and diagnostics. It is rapidly becoming an interdisciplinary arena that is of interest to businesses from many other industries, such as R&D-driven food-and-beverage companies, consumer electronics, telecom, housing/real estate and retail.

This is because of the increasing sophistication of consumers, combined with the drive towards healthier lifestyles, which is leading to the creation of new, cross-industry business opportunities. Innovative technologies that enable increased access to information and greater possibilities for knowledge sharing, have led to health consciousness moving from a niche to a mainstream market.

Novicod’s tags will be embedded in all medicine packages, small surgical consumables, linen and uniforms. Patients’ hospital tags will include RFID tag, connecting them to hospital, and government EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system, and allow health professionals a better way of tracking patient and equipment movement for better administration.

Once medical and pharmaceutical supplies and equipment are wirelessly connected:

  • drugs administration will be easier to control (reducing theft, over use and misuse of drugs)
  • Equipment will be better serviced and maintained
  • Family doctors will be able to monitor their patients’ use of medicine, and use of medical supplies, and alert them when they are running low of supplies.

Technology enables patients and consumers to be better informed, and demand personalized services.
Easy Integration

A few components are required to enable this interactivity

  • Digitally tagged medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Novicod technology provides digital tagging at a fraction of the cost of standard RFID tags. Digital tagging will replace the existing barcodes and allow previously non-coded items to be part of the network.
  • Closed information network, able to read and analyze mediacl and pharmaceutical supplies’ location, temperature and other metrics. Integration with existing EMR systems would be quite simple and inexpensive
  • Internet connection – using healthcare facilities Wi-Fi and mobile devices’ Internet capability, will allow continuous communication between “things” and healthcare systems.

Expanding the Healthcare ecosystem

Over the course of the last decade the consumer health industry has risen as an important force that is reshaping the future of healthcare, enabling an individual-centric model whereby consumers play a more central and informed role, alongside providers, in health care prevention, maintenance and ultimately, treatment.

To find out how Novicod can be integrated with your healthcare or pharmaceutical business, give us a call for an obligation free demo.

Track and Trace End-to-end track and trace capabilities to reduce pharmaceutical and medical supply & equipment misuse.
Data Accuracy Patient movement and identification for proper administration of associated treatment plans
Reduced cost Passive RFID tags and infrastructure are a cost-effective alternative to battery-powered active tag systems
Reduced theft Digital,boundaries, geo-location per item, and quick recovery.
Efficient Medical records Files, documents, x-rays and other diagnostic images. Interconnected systems can support the rollout of Electronic Medical Records.

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