Novicod WITHIN Packaging & Labels

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Item-level inventory control and unprecedented consumer engagement

Novicod’s technology enables communication between products, labels and systems, enabling consumer interaction, customer loyalty, upsell and cross sell opportunities, and much more….

The retail industry is in the midst of a dramatic information revolution that is laying the groundwork for new consumer experiences, enhanced productivity, reduced inventory distortion, and brand optimization.

As consumers become more demanding, retailers are challenged to deliver on shoppers’ expectations, whilst simultaneously reducing costs to remain profitable.

Novicod provides a solution that saves time, reduces cost, allows greater inventory control and enhances the customer experience.

What’s more, it can be deployed across all retail operations – from the loading dock to shopping aisle.

Individual Product Identification

By placing a unique EPC (Electronic Product Code) WITHIN the packaging or labels at manufacturing level, every item is wirelessly connected to inventory management systems during the production process.

There’s no need for retailers to barcode individual products by hand – saving time, increasing accuracy and reducing misplaced items and potential theft.

Track every item

While the item is within the retail environment, it will be wirelessly counted in real time, and flagged as soon as it leaves the retail floor. It can be flagged as sold (if gone via the checkout system), or otherwise missing. It will be connected to an alarm and monitoring system, helping loss prevention.

Smart, Interactive products
Products interact with customers

With Novicod integrated tagging technology all items share an information network with shoppers and retailers.

Data can be incorporated into existing innovative solutions, such as real time digital signage, intelligent POS terminals and advanced self-service kiosks.

When linked to emerging applications and devices, such as media carts and mobile devices retailers are able to create more personalized, informed and satisfying shopping experiences.

Interactivity between media based devices and shelf products will also deliver rich, visual and interactive content, designed to keep shoppers engaged and informed.
Internet-connected products

Because RF technology allows communication with Internet-enabled devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) all products becomes part of the network.

Imagine going into your supermarket, shopping for dinner. Opening the supermarket app on your smartphone, you select a favorite dish, and the supermarket map appears, with the exact location of all ingredients needed to make your dinner!

Not only is the shopper’s experienced enhanced, the retailer also has the opportunity to serve real time advertising at the most relevant and appropriate time.

Easy implementation

A few components are required to enable this interactivity:

  • Digitally tagged products. Novicod technology provides digital tagging at a fraction of the cost of standard RFID tags. Digital tagging takes place during the packaging manufacturing process, integrated seamlessly with current process.
  • Closed information network, able to read and analyze product location and behavior. Integration with existing inventory readers and systems is quite simple and inexpensive.
  • Internet connection – to enable consumer interactivity with the products, enabling in-store Wi-Fi (opportunity for consumer database build, and further customer engagement) will prove beneficial both in short and long terms.

Our technology provides end-to-end solution, from the RFID tags assimilated on any packaging or label material, through the information system, to the consumer’s mobile application.

To see how you can increase customer engagement, loyalty and inventory accuracy by being a connected store, contact us for an obligation free discussion.

Efficient inventory management Real-time inventory scanning at a click of a button, as often as you like, without any additional cost.
Personalised marketing activities Product bundling suggestions using smartphone product advertising.
Increased customer loyalty Building end-consumer database, both for brand manufactures and retailers.
Enhanced relevance Understanding shoppers’ behaviour and expectations to personalize their shopping experience.
Reduced cost Significant reduction in inventory management costs, blanket (inefficient, shotgun,approach to) advertising, and staff costs (mistakes, human errors).
Reduced theft Digital,boundaries, geo-location per item, and quick recovery.

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