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Coordinating outfits and cosmetics has never been easier

Novicod’s technology enables communication between cosmetics products, fashion items and apparel, enabling consumer interaction, customer loyalty, upsell and cross sell opportunities, and much more….

Cosmetics products are the forefathers of the I.o.T revolution…
At the turn of the century, Procter & Gamble was the first organization to invest in RFID tags on their Oil of Olay range.
Kevin Ashton was trying to pay for essay write my essay paper solve a problem: it bothered him that as a account manager he’d go into his local store and find that one shade of lipstick in his cosmetic line always seemed to be sold out. He checked with P&G’s supply chain people, who told him plenty of that particular shade was in the warehouse. They suggested it was a coincidence – that Ashton happened to go into the one store that couldn’t keep that shade in stock. But Ashton didn’t buy it: He wanted to know where his lipstick was, and what was happening to it. No one could tell him.

With Novicod’s technology, that problem is easily solved. With our embedded RFID in the packaging of the makeup item, fashion accessories, and on the clothing item label, those items can be now centrally controlled by the retailer, with direct communication with all part of the supply chain, from manufacturer to the consumer.

But that’s just the beginning! Tracking items at supply chain level is a great benefit for the cosmetics and fashion industry, but it’s only one of them!
There are so many other useful benefits:

Integrating the Fashion / Cosmetics ecosystem

Interconnected digital systems can reduce search time, theft, and replacement costs while potentially increasing shoppers’ loyalty and share of wallet by enabling wireless connectivity of a broad variety of assets.

When it comes to cosmetics and fashion items, interconnectivity include item-level pieces – cosmetics and makeup, large fashion accessories (purses, wallets, shoes) and clothes.

Consumer records – Enabling recommendation engines to help upsell and cross sell opportunities: “shoppers who bought X, also bought Y”.

Customization and personalization: following shopper’s age and taste change, based on purchase history, will enable personalized shopping experience.

  • Technical benefits:
    No line-of-sight or specific tag orientation requirements
  • Chain of custody (track and trace) capabilities
  • Passive RFID tags and infrastructure are a cost-effective alternative to battery-powered active tag systems

Easy Integration

A few components are required to enable this interactivity

  • Digitally tagged cosmetics and fashion items. Novicod technology provides digital tagging at a fraction of the cost of standard RFID tags. Digital tagging will replace the existing barcodes and allow previously non-coded items to be part of the network.
  • Closed information network, able to read and analyze makeup and fashion accessories location, moisture and other metrics. Integration with existing inventory systems would be quite simple and inexpensive
  • Internet connection – using retailers’ and shopping centres’ Wi-Fi and mobile devices’ Internet capability, will allow continuous communication between “things”, systems and consumers.

To find out how Novicod can be integrated with your fashion or cosmetics business, give us a call for an obligation free demo.

Track and Trace End-to-end track and trace capabilities to maintain adequate supply levels
Data Accuracy Consumer behaviour identification to enable personalisation marketing.
Reduced cost Passive pay for essay write my essay paper RFID tags and infrastructure are a cost-effective alternative to battery-powered active tag systems
Reduced theft Digital,boundaries, geo-location per item, and quick recovery.
Consumer records Enabling recommendation engines to help upsell and cross sell opportunities:,“shoppers who bought X, also bought Y”.

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