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Smart in all aspects.

The Company

Novicod is an innovative Israeli startup that specializes in advanced technology for the printing and materials conversion industries. Our patent pending technology units seamlessly integrate radio circuits like RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth into various materials such as paper, carton, films, and textiles. This enables personalized digital identification for wireless registration, monitoring, and smart networking solutions. Our mission is to equip global supply chain businesses with the essential tools they require for success in the fast-paced digital era.

The Need

Novicod’s innovation is unique. It solves the shortcomings of the barcode system’s dependence on a person scanning, as well as the bonding of smart-tags on items. Novicod is the first to offer an embedded digital RF communicator that is manufactured in-line with packaging and labels and with multilayer materials converting, and this is the supply chain need and expectations.

Technology & Product

Novicod has developed groundbreaking embedding technology for seamless integration of RF components into materials. Our approach revolutionizes the printing and materials converting manufacturing processes, advancing packaging, labels, and converted materials with embedded digital connectivity. Our product lineup includes technology units, click-per-embedded
communicators, and demand-driving services. We collaborate closely with authorized printers, converters, manufacturers, and supply chain partners to digitize supply processes.

Main Advantages

Novicod’s embedded technology offers a wide range of financial, industrial, and digital benefits. In addition to cost reduction and streamlined supply processes, our technology enables digital data flow and connects the supply processes to IoT and M2M platforms.

Addressable Markets

Our target audience includes printing agencies, material converters, brand owners, and key players in their supply processes, such as logistics companies, distribution centers, retailers, and consumers. The addressable market for our technology is significant, with barcode consumption surpassing 30 trillion units and the smart-tag market exceeding 30 billion units in 2022.

Go To Market Strategy

Our go-to-market strategy involves introducing our technology units to printers and converters through a partnership proposal. We also establish partnerships with unit suppliers and continue the process by collaborating with our partners to reach brand owners and their supply and retail partners.

Business Model

Our business model counts each embedded radio circuit as a click, enabling a scalable and flexible pricing structure. Our conductive ink and microchip are specifically designed for our technology, allowing us to provide customized solutions to a broad customer base while remaining profitable.


To finance Phase B activities, which involves modifying technological components, further defining intellectual property, and promoting the Novicod campaign, we are actively seeking funding from various sources.


Our founder, Mr. Raviv Banaim, leads our team of experts, which comprises of specialists in printable material science, machine engineering, chemistry, computer networking, and cybersecurity. Together, we collaborate to design and develop technological solutions for item communication that caters to the specific requirements of packaging, labels, and industrial applications.


Financial risks: Our business model relies on partnerships, allowing us to focus solely on R&D costs. Our partners handle unit construction, installation, and supplies, while our implementation division partners independently manage their own costs.
Market risks: The market exposes us to financial crises, pandemics, and other factors that can alter consumer demand. We carefully monitor competition and saturation risks to manage our market growth effectively.
Operational risks: We recommend a processing speed of 200 meters per minute for printing and converting processes. Additionally, RF technologies can be sensitive to strong magnetic fields, which can lead to equipment failures.
Regulatory risks: RF technologies operate within specific frequency ranges designated by international regulations. We have not identified any adverse effects on our business operations resulting from regulatory compliance.

Our call

We are pleased to extend an invitation to engineering companies, packaging and labels printing agencies, and industrial materials converters to join us in an exciting partnership. By joining forces, we can establish ourselves as leading technology providers in the market. 

Integrating our cutting-edge technology units with existing material processing machines offers numerous benefits: 

• Gain a significant competitive advantage, position yourself far ahead of competitors by offering highly sought-after item identification technology, and giving your customers a valuable solution. Unlock new financial value, enhance the same manufacturing process by incorporating our technology, increase margins, and tap into a market with a capacity of 30 billion units. 

• Cost-effective click fee agreement that is 60% lower than the current market price, allowing for substantial cost savings and making new profit. In addition to our proposition for industry players, we also invite investors to seize this opportunity. This investment offers low risk with immense market potential and promising returns. 

We are thrilled to welcome you to join us on our transformative journey, where we transition from item identification to item communication and digitalize the global supply process with embedded connectivity.

Together, let’s revolutionize the industry and capitalize on the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.