Novicod’s packaging and labels materials are smart in all aspects.

Embedded connectivity within every printed application.

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Smart in all aspects

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Over the past 15 years, technological changes have being driven, have opened new perspectives in our daily lives. Our cities, homes and appliances have become smartemy career plan essayr and every “Internet of Things” (I.o.T) development seeding the upcoming new reality. Data, data and more digital data, enhances our life style and simplifies tasks in our “to do list”.


From the use of social media networks to online shopping, things are changing rapidly and positively for us. I wait excitedly for the day in which a smart digital shopping App will enable me to be remotely notified, which of my items are missing or are about to expire.


With an embedded digital item identity, it is not necessary for me to be physically at home to find out what is missing. The Novi-App will establish a remote connection between me and my groceries, clothing, medicines and all my other belongings, in real time. In addition, it will connect me to my suppliers and the items’ producers. Amongst many other advantages, digital data and being connected consistently gives us the advantage of having more free time, confidence and security.


While considering and taking it one step further, as an item manufacturer, a logistics company, a distribution center or as a retailer who are connected 24/7 wirelessly to my products, supplies and deliveries, I find many opportunities to reduce costs and to increase revenues from a smart supply chain, with:

  • Wireless registration, item monitoring and updating items’ data in real time,
  • Managing inventory robotically, navigating to items and using augmented reality,
  • Digital data protection as an anti-counterfeiting, theft and parallel marketing,
  • continuous I.o.T connectivity which is independent of working hours, holidays and different time zones, and M2M (machine 2 machine) communication.

In other words, being connected with things is not only knowing about them, like friends on Facebook, it is also about managing and monitoring them digitally.


The global market consumes over 35 trillion items annually and many global item manufacturers are showing great interest in an embedded digital item identity as it is the only solution which will enable them to be in front of customers in real-time.


Novicod, an Israeli startup company, has developed an embedded digital item identity hardware, for the benefit of: manufacturers, logistics, distribution centers, retailers and consumers. In addition, a customized software and user’s App which connects items wirelessly to network and to the I.o.T.


Unlike all other players in this arena, Novicod technology is embedded within printable materials and every year over 35 trillion items are covered with printed packages and labels. Many global players are very interested in our products since they do not need to apply any changes in their processes or to make large and long-term investments in order to benefit from our technology.


We are confident that each and every product and service can take a successful part in the Smart Supply Chain. Therefore, we invite you to join our customer strategic alliance program and in addition to join our success via the current investment opportunities.


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Intelligent, responsive B2B & B2C IoT solutions powered by Novicod.

Novicod WITHIN
Packaging & Labels

When packaging & labels are connected in real-time, inventory management & personalized marketing drives higher profits and customer loyalty. Retailers, shoppers & products on buy a term papercareer aspirations essaythe same network.

Novicod WITHIN
Post & Parcel

When my post & parcels are connected in real-time, they know what, when, how and where I want to receive them. This way, delivery services become truly “customer focused”.

Novicod WITHIN
Distribution & Logistics

When distribution & logistics are connected in real-time, check-in & out, positioning and location of goods turns into a drive through activity. Costs drops dramatically and satisfy customers of items’ origin.

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Novicod WITHIN
Health & Pharmacy

When patients, healthcare providers and pharmacies are connected in real time they can store, view, analyze and track the overall health and medication situation remotely.

Novicod WITHIN
Passenger Luggage

When my luggage is connected in real- time, airports and airlines save over $750 Million annually on lost luggage. I’m have full confidence that my luggage will arrive with me.

Novicod WITHIN
Fashion & Cosmetics

When my wardrobe & cosmetics bag are connected and interactive in real time, they integrate with my diary planning and shopping, saving me time, and making me look better.

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Novicod WITHIN
Electronics, Appliances & Smart Home

Novicod WITHIN
Military & Defence Systems

Novicod WITHIN
Retail Chain Shops & Malls


Novicod WITHIN
Government & Finance



Enabling the Internet of Things.

Embedded Connectivity

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