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Welcome to Novicod:

Pioneering Embedded Connectivity

Novicod is not just a startup; it's a beacon of technological innovation. Our breakthrough technology empowers us to embed RF communicators directly within printable materials like paper, carton, graphic-films, and textiles. This cost-effective, scalable solution revolutionizes item tracking and monitoring, establishing a robust communication network across the entire supply chain.

At Novicod, we lead the charge in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, specializing in embedded connectivity for printed packaging and labels. The digitalization of supply processes transforms how brand owners, distributors, and sellers engage with each individual item. Gone are the days of generic group codes—each item now possesses a distinctive, traceable identity.

Founded by Mr. Raviv Regev Banaim in 2020, Novicod emerged from a shared passion that is reshaping the printing, converting, and branding industries. Our mission: to positively impact packaging and label printing, to revolutionize printable materials converting, and to empower brand owners and their partners in the supply and sales chains.

Join Us in Shaping the Future
Investors, industry leaders, and innovators, we invite you to be part of this remarkable journey. Together, we'll redefine connectivity, disrupt traditional processes, and shape the future of supply chain technology.

Join Novicod and be at the forefront of a transformative era.

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