Our vision

Novicod’s vision is to enable remote wireless communication and management of networked products, by creating a unique digital identity for shelf products (SKU), as paenglish homeworkrt of the Internet of things.

Novicod is a trailblazer in providing communication platforms that allow systems and products to be synchronized independently and continuously. We’re creating a bressay about careerand new network that provides manufacturers, retailers and consumers direct access to product and stock information in real time.

Our product

The new code – “Novicod” is the ultimate solution for communication, storage, organization and distribution of digital information about the product – starting at the packaging stage. The information is wirelessly read by inventory and sales management systems, which are constantly connected to the local intranet and the Internet.

Our Communication Platform

Our Continuous-Information platform enables:

  • Identification, location, transportation and records management of products – wirelessly and instantly.
  • Registration of thousands of products whilst on the move into the communication area.
  • Inventory and stock-level updates at any given time by the click of a button.
  • Dynamic sales areas, new areas for advertising and promotions, and the offering of complementary products.

Our art

Imagine going to your local supermarket, connecting wirelessly (via your smartphone) to the supermarket’s system. You look up “Cheese Cake” and the system immediately returns the recipe, the location of all ingredients, costs and a variety of different brands. Voilà!

Like in art, you’re only limited by your imagination!

Our Story

The idea of Novicod was born three years ago, when Mr. Raviv Regev was asked to solve a challenge his client faced, dealing with errors in shipping and loading of luggage at airports.

This was a real-life challenge for the Printed Materials Supplier’s CEO, who’s an expert in developing technologies to maximise manufacturing processes.

Mr. Regev’s research excluded the availability of computers, launch point for intranet / Internet, and chip reading / writing technology as being a barrier for a widely accepted solution.

The conclusion was clear:

There was a need for a new readable code, which enabled products and system communications to be networked.

Our next steps

The new code has successfully been tested by several companies, who confirm its quality and unique characteristics. Today, Novicod has progressed from the testing phase to the commercial phase. The company’s business plan and technology have received the approval of Israel’s Chief Scientist’s office and the support of the Ministry of Economy.

Our Team

Lead by Raviv Regev, Novicod consists of an experienced and capable team:

Ilan Tsur – Expert in management, strategic planning and sales methods.

David Ram –  Expert in IT and Intranet engineering.

Eddie Dar –  Expert in machine engineering and manufacturing technologies.

Alon Nash – Expert in communication systems.

Tziki Gal – Expert in marketing, sales and logistic process.

Oren Lazar – Expert in marketing communications, animation and Web.


We invite you to join Novicod and together the products-communications world will be in the palm of our hands.

For more information about “Internet of products” please contact us.


Raviv Regev and the Novicod team.

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