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Technology & Products:                             Empowering Your Supply Chain

Novicod's breakthrough technology is engineered with your success in mind.

We've pioneered a revolutionary solution, enabling the direct embedding of RF communication components into printable materials like paper, carton, graphic-films, and textiles. This innovation offers a cost-effective, scalable answer to track and monitor items seamlessly throughout the supply chain.

In contrast to conventional RFID technology, which necessitates the use of an RF inlay and a smart tag sticker, our approach removes the need for these separate components. By directly integrating the antenna and microchip into the printable materials, Novicod streamlines the process. This means no more time-consuming and costly application of individual stickers, particularly crucial for high-volume manufacturing and distribution operations.

Our embedded communicators become an intrinsic part of packaging and labels, allowing easy integration into existing operations for paper, carton, graphic-film, and textile converting manufacturers. This adaptability opens up the entire supply chain to the boundless possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT), facilitating seamless machine-to-machine communication and maximizing operational efficiency.

Invest in Innovation, Invest in Novicod
Novicod is more than technology; it's a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration. We invite visionary investors and industry leaders to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we'll redefine the future of supply chain technology, driving efficiency, reducing costs, and revolutionizing industries.
Explore the limitless potential of Novicod.

Invest in a future where every item is empowered by connectivity.

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  • Novi.2150M

    Novi.2150M is a tailored unit designed to seamlessly integrate with PSA, adhesive, and top coating machines.

    This versatile unit is also optimized for lamination processes and the production of multi-layered printable materials. With Novi.2150M, you can expect precision and efficiency in every application.

  • Novi.2150R

    Novi.2150R: Tailored for Wide Roll-to-Roll Printing Systems

    Novi.2150R is a specially crafted unit, meticulously designed for wide roll-to-roll packaging and label printing systems. This integral component ensures seamless operation and precision in every print, setting the stage for elevated production quality and efficiency.

  • Novi.2150S

    Novi.2150S: Engineered for Wide Sheet-Fed Foldable Packaging Printing Systems

    Novi.2150S is a purpose-built unit, finely tuned for wide sheet-fed foldable packaging printing systems. This integral component is meticulously designed to ensure seamless operation, guaranteeing precision and high-quality printing results. Elevate your packaging production with Novi.2150S.

  • Novi.3565R

    Novi.3565R: Elevating Roll-to-Roll Printing Systems

    Introducing Novi.3565R, an essential custom unit meticulously designed for roll-to-roll packaging and label printing systems. This integral component is engineered to ensure seamless operations, delivering precision and excellence in every print. Upgrade your printing capabilities with Novi.3565R.

  • Novi.3510S

    Novi.3510S: Optimized for Sheet-Fed Packaging and Labels Printing Systems

    Meet Novi.3510S, the indispensable custom unit tailored for sheet-fed packaging and labels printing systems. This integral component is meticulously crafted to guarantee seamless operation, ensuring precision and high-quality results in every print. Elevate your printing capabilities with Novi.3510S.

  • Novi.1020L

    Novi.1020L: Tailored Excellence for Wide Roll-to-Roll Board and Carton Lamination Systems

    Introducing Novi.1020L, a customized integral unit designed to seamlessly integrate with wide roll-to-roll board and carton packaging and label lamination systems. This specialized unit is engineered to deliver precision and efficiency, ensuring top-notch lamination results every time. Elevate your lamination processes with Novi.1020L.

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