Who We Are?


About us

Driving Digital Transformation in Supply Processes. 

Novicod is an Israeli startup at the forefront of digitalizing supply processes, confident to revolutionize the printing and material converting industries. Our mission is to enable seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into printing and converting machines, offering transformative solutions for smart packaging, labels, and self-adhesive industrial applications.

Expertise and Collaboration Unleashing Innovation.

At Novicod, our team comprises a diverse group of experts specializing in printable material science, machine engineering, chemistry, computer networking, and cyber security. Together, we pool our knowledge and skills to design and develop groundbreaking technological solutions that address the evolving needs of the industry.

Unparalleled Technology Units Redefining Possibilities.

We have meticulously crafted five unique patent pending technology units, each designed to empower printing and converting industries to embed radio RF communication circuits on diverse surfaces, including paper, carton, graphic films, and textiles. Our innovative approach seamlessly integrates these circuits into the production processes, opening up new possibilities for connectivity and communication.

Strategic Partnerships Collaboration for Success.

Novicod offers compelling production partnership opportunities to materials processing industries. By joining forces with us, partners gain access to our cutting-edge technology units, unlocking immense potential for growth, efficiency, and competitiveness. Additionally, we provide expert project management services for item networking, M2M communication, and digitalization, ensuring seamless integration into logistic processes and point of sales.

Leading in Connectivity and Shaping the Future.

As part of 04-Industry, Novicod aims to establish itself as a leading technology provider specializing in embedded connectivity, IoT, and M2M communication. We are in the final stages of refining our technology units and actively seeking like-minded partners who share our vision for a connected future.

Investment Opportunity: Join the Journey of Innovation.

We are currently seeking strategic investments to accelerate our growth and market penetration. Novicod’s technology has already garnered validation and approval from key stakeholders, including the Israeli Chief Scientist, RF converters, and brand owners. Our successful lab samples provide a glimpse into the immense potential of our technology. Soon, we will be unveiling our first public prototype, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Investing in Novicod presents a unique opportunity to not only realize substantial returns but also shape the future of item identification markets. Join us as we revolutionize industries and drive innovation towards unprecedented success.

Novicod, Connects Your World…